Holiday Baskets

Food Drive

Holiday Baskets Food Drive

It’s that time of the year!

CAMACOL proudly presents our most noble event of year,our Christmas Basket Food Drive, charity event.

Thanks to our sponsors, members and friends we donated bags filled with food items and beverages related to the Holidays, to approximately 3,000 needy families from our various communities, for them to celebrate Christmas Eve with their loved ones.

All together, each basket feeds a family of 10. The event was a huge success and couldn't have been done without the help of our volunteers, sponsors, members, and friends of Camacol.

This event took place at our CAMACOL building located at: 1401 West Flagler Street, Miami, Florida 33135, in December of each year.

We thank our current sponsors:

City of Miami,
City of Miami Police Department,
Miami Dade County,
State of Florida,
Florida Lottery,
Goya Foods,
Navarro Discount Pharmacies,
Publix Supermarkets,
Sedano’s Supermarkets,
Florida Blue,
Pepsi Cola Bottling Company,
McArthur Dairy,
Flowers Baking Company,
Café La Llave,
Iberia Foods,
Conchita Foods,
Southeast Wholesale Foods,
Associated Grocers of Florida,
Florida Crystals,
Mahatma Rice,
National Foods,
La Fe Foods,
La Benefica Medical Center,
Pepperidge Farm,
among others.

If you wish to participate as a sponsor for next year, please do so by contacting Ms. Betty Gradera at: (305) 642-3870 ext. 202. You may also send her an email to: bettyg@camacol.org